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Can I keep my regular job?

Yes, as long as it is not in the same industry (recruitment) because you will sign a non-competition agreement

Can I dissolve the contract before the 5 year contract ends? If so is there a penalty?

Yes, it's possible to end the contract earlier. In this case you are going to try to sell the license to someone in the same area. There isn't a penalty, however when the license can't be sold, the contract is final.

Does client or candidate portfolio belong to me or to EPSN?

The portfolio belongs to you, you are responsible for your own clients and/or candidates. 

Do you already have a portfolio I can start with?

In most cases not, but there are some portfolios available in different areas. We give you the opportunity to build your own business. In return we expect you to gain new clients or candidates either from your personal network or from other resources. 

Can I have a few months “free” trial? Without paying for the franchise fee?

No, we don't give licensees a free trial.

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